Basic Elite Membership Offerings

Includes all Platinum Membership offerings
Monthly Situational Level 2 Strategy
Go through a list of 5-8 different trades that were alerted from the previous two weeks and learn key tools to optimize how you interpret market technical data.
Parabolic 2weekDiscount bot access
Parabolic has created advanced data tools that give traders the ability to locate longer term discounts in the penny stock market. Having access to the 2weekDiscount bot will allow advanced traders to act upon potential first bounce spots on beaten down stocks. (Coming soon with updates. COVID disturbed the current usefulness of this product)
Who is the Elite Membership for?
Our Elite program is for any investor who wants to fill their knowledge gaps to improve their ability to optimize each move they make in the stock market. This program is structured to be more like a hybrid of a mentorship program, advanced technical analysis material and funamental analysis material.
1 on 1 consultation
Basic Elite enables you to schedule a 1 on 1 consultation whenever you feel you have built up enough questions. The founder of Parabolic will set up a web call to answer any technical or fundamental questions you might have. These can be running through trade scenarios or looking at old trades you were in and re-training your approach and how you visualize change in price movement. Or it can be Q & A style to answer any questions you have regarding technical or financial analysis.
Advanced Curriculum
Parabolic Financial Services is continually building up learning and trade content. Have access to more advanced information that will improve your market understanding. We haven’t released what you are looking for? Shoot us a message and we will go hard at work on creating content to help you fill that particular knowledge gap.
More personalized
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Set up a 30-minute meeting with Parabolic Financial Services to discuss how to start your journey to optimized and data-driven decision making!

Interested in a more personalized approach to optimizing your investment strategies or accelerating your learning? Parabolic Financial Services has created our Elite program for investors who see the value in increasing their returns through our strong mentor-ship program.