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Parabolic Financial Services strives to expand our clients’ knowledge of the financial markets and to teach trading strategies for consistent portfolio growth. Our dedicated management team puts clients at the forefront of every investment idea, so they become more efficient and successful traders. We offer cutting-edge curriculum, tools, and information so anyone can learn to master the markets. 

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Our Story

We Started Because We Wanted to Produce the Next Generation of Data-Driven Investors

Parabolic started as a mentorship program led by the President and Vice President of Parabolic Financial Services. This program gave investors the chance to learn the inner workings of publicly traded markets. Over time this mentorship program became a testing ground for new trading strategies, data studies on stock price-point analysis, and algorithmic trading. Parabolic defined stock price-point analysis as a determinant of a stocks’ true future value given its price movement, company fundamentals, and future catalysts.

After creating risk averse trade plans and guides, some of the original members of Parabolic Trade Room came together to build out a data system that Parabolic’s President began. Parabolic’s current data system has been under development for 6 years. Parabolic went through extensive beta testing to fully analyze what the current investment community lacked.  We are determined to  build on our current infrastructure to provide our subscribers and users with the most premier resources available. 


Meet The Team


President, Founder & Managing Director

Joe’s  journey consisted of competitive robotics, Forex trading, small business consulting, and small entrepreneurial gigs like Amazon Marketplace. Joe went on to study Computer Engineering and Accounting while expanding his investments into small to large cap stocks. Joe pioneered the creation of the original Parabolic data system, and he specializes in early stage Biopharma and Tech stocks.


Vice President & Systems Engineer

Mike has a diverse professional background in engineering, with industry experience as a Software, Firmware, and Electrical Engineer. He began trading early in his professional career and quickly became captivated by the market. Through years of studying price action, he has become an insightful technical trader who specializes in minimizing risk.


Director of Finance & Lead Financial Analyst

Xavier started his investing career at a young age, investing in high dividend yield stocks, and eventually transitioned into hedging his portfolio using a variety of different options techniques. Combining a degree in finance with extensive knowledge in the large cap field, he compiles important company financials and technical analysis to execute a variety of different investment strategies.


Director of operations & Options specialist

Nick’s childhood was filled with the intrigue of taking apart things to see how they worked. His curiosity continued throughout school with thoughts of engineering and landing in education. After teaching high school science and math for nine years, he changed careers to look for opportunities to become more of a mentor desiring to help people grow in knowledge, and problem solving. Nick works on options trading strategy and improving our systems.

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