Subscription Plans

Parabolic User Experience

Stock Alerts

Our Parabolic AI Data System detects market catalysts for up-to-date alerts on market movers.

Client Collaboration

Clients interact with management and other clients in our online Parabolic Trade Room.

Data Tools

Clients have access to powerful data tracking tools which provide technical and fundamental insight.

Custom Charting

Technical charting analysis provided by management at the request of clients.

Subscription Plan Features

What You Get

Trade Room

All communication for our clients who participate in intraday and weekly trading have access to the Parabolic Trade Room with different entitlements.

Parabolic Machine Learning Weekly Watchlist

We list our top picks for the week; potential day trades, swings, and options.

Personal Mentoring

Management works with you to craft a custom mentoring program with your growth goals in mind.

Member Webinars

Clients meet via video conferencing to discuss weekly results and participate in discussion.

Short-term Trading

Play calls with an emphasis on proper entry, position hedging, and risk mitigation.

Day Trading

Intraday plays focusing on volume and level two trading strategies.

Options Trading

Formatted calls for large cap stocks; playing long and short term from low to high risk.

Stock Trading Curriculum

Learning plans and individual lessons to sharpen your trading skills and maximize the trade ideas from Parabolic AI.

About Us

Why Parabolic

We provide data-driven insights using precise market analysis, and offer mentorships to foster the development of your trading skills. Our clients receive comprehensive learning and powerful tools that aid in their mastering of the markets.


FREE Trading Resources

Equip yourself with trading curriculum and educational content, updated on a weekly basis. Learn how to read charts, technical indicators, and company fundamentals.

Our Subscribers Have Lots to say!


“The team at Parabolic is very knowledgeable and always willing to help. Not only do they make great calls but also teach you along the way.”



“Parabolic provides insight that improves my trading and understanding of the markets.”

– Alex


“I’ve worked in the equities business for over 13 years now and only since joining Parabolic do I actually feel like I understand what is going on around me.”

– Joseph


“Joe is an incredible mentor who is genuine and realistic. He and his team at Parabolic are the most patient group I’ve come across…They teach you and help you find your own niche in trading… Investing in their services was perhaps the wisest financial decision I’ve made.”


– Nautilus

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